Dear Rachael Flatt: Chemical Engineering is a Wonderful Subject

Please take note of that, Rachael Flatt. Ontd_skating has recently posted an article on how Flatt would like to change coaches from Tom Z. Personally, I don’t know if that’ll help in any way, shape or form.

We all know that Flatt is a consistent skater and her medals and achievements are proof of that. Technique-wise, she’s proven to be pretty decent. She has a triple-triple and a double axel-triple toe and that’s quite an accomplishment for a senior skater, considering some of the top ladies have a triple-lutz, double toe or loop as their best combination. However, the problem with Flatt is that she lacks something that you can’t learn: star quality and the ability to exude your wonderful personality on the ice. Sure, the girl is consistent but Flatt is horrendously boring to watch. Yes, Mrs. Flatt, we know that she’s getting straight A’s and she’s going to Stanford but where’s the drama and passion in her programs?

I mean, let’s take a look at some other skaters.

Katarina Witt

The commentators said that Debi Thomas noted that “She’s [Katarina] tough.” Well, she’s more than that, she’s a fierce bitch and she knows it. She had the drive, passion and desire to win and she expressed that every time she skated. Katarina was a skater with grace, beauty, a tough personality and an ability to convey drama and her passion on the ice. Just watch her skate last with the drive to beat the crap out of Debi Thomas. Katarina skates with a conviction that led Americans to write her love letters with promises to take her away from the evil Commies of East Germany.

Michelle Kwan

I still get teary whenever I watch her Spartacus program. As Dick Button liked to say, Michelle had “heart” and that smile she had on her face when she did her signature change of edge spiral showed it all. Emotion, beauty and passion. The Kween is the Queen because of her ability to show all of that in 2 or 4 minutes and that’s what made her mesmerizing.

Yuna Kim

The most recent Olympic gold medalist may not have the best extension (although she’s improved quite a bit since she’s trained with Oppegard) but she’s fierce on the ice. She’s shown that she’s a capable flirt, Bond girl and storyteller with huge jumps. When you watch Yuna, you get sucked into her drama (and Koreans make awesome dramas… LOL).

Anyways, back to Rachael. It’s admirable that the girl has brains but unfortunately, she has no charisma and leaving Tom Z isn’t going to help you with that. I mean, there’s an epic gunshot in this piece of music but it might as well be the sound of someone turning a page at the library. What’s the story? Who are you supposed to be? What are you trying to convey?

In any case, Flatt is supposed to start her undergrad at Stanford next year and she hopes to major in chemical engineering. An admirable feat and a subject that will no doubt be difficult. I’ve watched science students go insane and break down from all the stuff they’ve had to memorize and study. If you want to keep that 4.0 GPA, you’re going to have to work for it, Rachael. And I don’t mean work for it like you do in high school. High school work is for sissies compared to the amount of work you get at university. You might have skating practice at 5AM but there might be days where you’ll be awake until 5AM writing a paper or doing readings. I understand that Ivy League school inflate marks but don’t count on an easy pass, especially in the sciences. It’s not high school anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had tons of work even as a part-time student. So seriously, do some good for the world and just concentrate on your studies. If you manage to be a good researcher, people will find your work a lot more interesting than your figure skating.

~The Rinkside Cafe


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  1. sana
    Mar 28, 2011 @ 13:05:40

    I think the problem with Flatt is that she has no unique point to sell to the judges or audience. You don’t have to be a drama queen to be loved by fans. You can be elegant and lyrical (Mao, Lu Chen, Alyssa), spunky (Mirai, Kanako) or a bundle of joyful energy (Midori, Irina). But Flatt fits in none of these categories. Unfortunately, she also lacks the looks to make up for her lack of personality, unlike say Miki Ando, whom I feel is actually better than Flatt in the consistency department. Flatt is simply ‘average’ and that is the last thing an elite skater wants to be if he/she is aiming for the top.


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