Putin Wants YOU to Come to Russia…

… since the Russian government has expressed an interest in hosting Worlds now that Japan can’t. The Russian government seems to be willing to spend some money on it and in all honesty, do you want to mess with Putin? I mean, he’s kind of badass.

Yeah, you don’t want to mess with this guy.

Anyways, Putin comedy aside, other countries willing to host Worlds are Canada (Vancouver), the U.S. (Colorado Springs, Colorado or Lake Placid, New York), Finland (Turku), Croatia (probably Zagreb) and Austria (probably Graz).

The Russians have stated that they’re thinking of hosting Worlds from April 24 to May 1 or sometime later depending on the ISU’s decision. I’m not surprised at Russia’s interest in Worlds, it’ll give their skaters a hometown advantage and it’ll also give their younger skaters some positive press on road to Sochi. What I find shocking is how I’m already thinking about Sochi even though the 2010 Olympics just happened last year. Sigh. How time flies fast.

Anyways, I really shouldn’t be on the internets right now. I’ll post Worlds predictions if it happens.

~The Rinkside Cafe

P.S. Marina Zoueva is adorable. How is this woman even real?


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