Worlds Will Not be Held in Tokyo

Well, don’t say that none of us expected it. (Here is the official ISU statement by the way.) The World Team Trophy will be postponed until next year and the ISU is now looking at venues either in the U.S. or Europe. There seems to be a lot of worry about planning and whatnot but there are quite a few voices that say that it’s possible. There’s the possibility that Worlds will be held in April or May, which would be an inconvenience to skaters who are contracted to do shows.

Update: Cinquanta says that the new location for Worlds will be announced Friday. Here’s the article.

If Joannie Rochette or Evgeni Plushenko’s situations from last year are any indication, the ISU does not allow for skaters to skate in shows during a competition if they can compete. Plushenko had his amateur status revoked because he skated in show when he should have been at Worlds, which he skipped, apparently due to injury.

So in the end, the skaters are still in a bit of a limbo because Worlds can still be canceled. It’s frustrating for everyone and let’s just hope for the best. Whatever that is.

~The Rinkside Cafe


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