Four Continents: Pairs and Ice Dance

Ok, home stretch for my 4cc blurb. If anyone cares.


Pang and Tong had no trouble defeating the opposition at Four Continents, however, their LP still leaves a lot to be desired. (Is it just me or is Tong the one responsible for most of their mistakes? He seems to be doubling or singling jumps and stumbling from time to time…) Their SP, admittedly, is beautiful. All in all, I don’t feel that either of the Canadian teams on the podium at 4CC will end up on the World podium, no matter how much CBC will tell fans that they’re amazing. With Pang and Tong doing so many mistakes in their LP, I’ve got a feeling that two European teams will seize that opening and get the top two spots this year: namely Savchenko & Szalkowy and Volosozhar & Trankov. The latter has about the same technical content than Pang and Tong (the Russians might have more triple toes than double axels) but they’ve been super consistent throughout the season, which is scary for such a new team.

One huge surprise was Kirsten Moore-Towers  & Dylan Moscovitch‘s 5th place finish. Now that the mediocre to the point that they can’t skate to Carmen team Dube and Davison have disbanded, you would think that they would solidify their position as the top Canadian team with a strong finish here, considering their (at times questionable) marks throughout the season. Apparently not. To the true Canadian figure skating spirit, they fell apart in the SP but recovered in the LP but it just wasn’t good enough. Ouch.

Ice Dance

With Tessa and Scott withdrawing in the FD, Meryl and Charlie won handily. However, this is problematic because these two teams are still going into Worlds as favourites. Meryl and Charlie seem likely to win but Tessa and Scott’s programs – especially the FD – seem a lot more interesting. I know that a lot of fans (especially on ontd_skating) have either shifted their alliances to the American team or Meryl & Charlie fans have become more vocal (some of them being particularly vicious in their posts) so I’ve got a feeling that the crowd may be on their side as well. Despite Tessa’s injury, I wish that they just skated through the whole program just to see how they ranked compared to their training mates. My constant wondering about whether or not they’ll beat the Americans feels as if I’m debating about whether or not some guy likes me based on their strange confuzzling behaviour. In other words: it’s frustrating.

The Shibushibus have done very well this season and even beat Vanessa Crone and Paul Poirier by winning silver. Sadly, unless they pull a “Meryl and Charlie” on Meryl and Charlie as Meryl and Charlie did on Tanith and Ben, being the #2 U.S. team might hurt their chances on the World and Olympic podium. So, for the next few years, if the brother and sister team wants to get a World or Olympic medal, Meryl and Charlie will have to retire or they’ll have to beat their teammates. They’ll also have to fend off Canadian teams and more importantly, the Russians who will be back in the figure skating world with a vengeance in Sochi if they want to be at the top sometime within the next 3 years. I still look forward to their career though.

In other news, the JFSU has announced that the World championships in Tokyo will still be held there as planned. There’s some more information in this article by the Globe and Mail.

Sending positive thoughts to the people in Japan.

~The Rinkside Cafe


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  1. andanta
    Mar 15, 2011 @ 12:32:49

    I am your faithful reader from China. I am reading your articles. I care for them. Please carry on.
    I didn’t leave comment because figure skating is kind of new to me and there are few ideas in my mind worth speaking of.


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