Köszönom Szépen

Means thank you in Hungarian! (I hope that google is reliable in this case…) I checked my site stats and found a huge number of readers on my site on March 1st. After checking the list of sites that referred people to my blog, I found that this site linked to the Rinkside Cafe. At first, I was confuzzled at what language was written on the site but again, google helped me out by telling me that .hu was the internet country code for Hungary. So to the Hungarian readers that dropped by, Köszönom Szépen!

I would also like to send another Köszönom Szépen because I found a lot of interesting information on the Sochi mascots such as…

  • Putin supported the snow leopard as the Sochi mascot while Medvedev supposedly likes the bear although the article that I read never specified which one.
  • The Russian Santa was removed from the voting list because the Russians would have lost their rights to it to the IOC if it became the mascot.
  • Submissions for mascots was open to the public and on the internets, 3 submissions became popular:

Pila, the saw, that was a joke on the corruption and “sawing” or stealing of state money expected to occur during the construction of the Olympics.

Stakasha, which derives from the word for glass. The mascot satirizes Russian alcoholism.

Zoich, a psychedelic blue frog. I vote for this frog. Its psychedelicness is resonating with me. XD

Which was your favourite mascot out of the 10… er… 13?

~The Rinkside Cafe


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