Tessa and Scott withdrew midway through their FD. It looked fabulous and it seems like a shame that it couldn’t happen. The internets have been exploding and Michael Slipchuk has confirmed that Tessa withdrew because she felt tightness in her left thigh. Additional Tweets inform us that this is apparently not related to surgeries and that she’s been feeling it since before she came to Taipei. A press conference should be happening now and we’ll see what else is said. Tessa and Scott will not be attending due so Tessa can get treated but hopefully Slipchuk or Marina and Igor have some news for us. I hope that they’ll take the time to recover and be able to compete at Worlds. Or even the World Team Trophy.

Following Tessa and Scott’s withdrawal, Meryl and Charlie won the competition handily with the Shibushibus in second and Crone/Poirier rounding out the podium. A bit of a nightmare compared to what we had yesterday.

Hoping that Tessa feels better soon!

~The Rinkside Cafe

Edit: An article with stuff we already knew but reiterated with Mike Slipchuck.

Edit 2: CBC did an interview with Tessa and she spoke briefly during this clip.


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