Figure Skating Otaku

So I was wandering around youtube and somehow I found this video. For those of you who don’t know, otaku is a word for someone who is unhealthily obsessed with something. In Japan, there is a stereotype of otaku as people in lumberjack shirts, badly-fitting pants, glasses and is just a dork. This might sound like your average stereotypical high school nerd, but the level of obsessiveness attributed to otaku is extremely unhealthy and many otaku are seen as having obsessions with things they probably shouldn’t have… like porn… and little girls… The word otaku eventually came to North America through anime and manga and in the North American context, it means someone who’s a big fan of anime or manga. But seriously, you don’t want to be called an otaku. I’m surprised that they found this 23 year-old guy and he let them film him and whatnot. I find him rather endearing and I hope that his fandom is as innocent as he says it is. (I didn’t quite understand all of the video but at the end, he said that he was just very happy that he could try everything he can that had to do with his hobby.)


~The Rinkside Cafe


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