Moment in History: HAPPY NEW YEAR~! (Part II of yesterday’s post)

So, today on the lunar calendar, Shen and Zhao set a new world record at the Olympics for their short program. (I did yesterday’s post a day too early.) The day after that last year, something even more magical happened:

Mother Russia’s reign over the pairs discipline was completely shattered – they weren’t even on the podium – and China came out on top with the gold and silver medal. I remember that night as if it were yesterday…

The evening was full of splatfests: on the fashion front and on the skating front.

Shen and Zhao had never skated their long program clean and they unfortunately couldn’t skate it clean at the Olympics. It was still a valiant effort and their scores from the SP held them up for gold. (Please ignore the lady commentating, it’s true that they made mistakes but the lady commentator was just being a bitch.)

Shen and Zhao’s LP

However, if it makes you feel better, no team skated clean that night except for Pang and Tong. It was such a refreshing thing to watch:

Pang and Tong’s Olympic LP

And of course, the one who is probably proudest of this moment was this man:

I don’t think anyone is laughing at him now.

Just a correction, I messed up the dates for the lunar new year. So this day last year on the lunar calendar would be the pairs SP while the pairs’ LP would have been tomorrow. >_< I did everything a day early. Oh well.

Happy New Year~!

~The Rinkside Cafe


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