The New European King

I apologize for my lack of updates despite the spate of competitions that have been happening this week. The U.S. Nationals are going to end soon and the European Championships have ended. The Europeans remain weak in the singles area, with Carolina Kostner still the only one who could possibly medal at Worlds. However,  new, young, European has beaten all the veterans and emerged victorious in the men’s field:

Brian Joubert has remained patchy throughout the season and Tomas Verner has yet to achieve results that would give him any sort of edge against the deep Japanese men’s field and Canada’s bigheaded golden boy, Patrick Chan, who will likely go into Worlds as one of the favourites to win.

Florent won with a score of 226.86, which sets him far apart from Chan’s inflated Nationals score of almost 300. (Unfortunately, Chan will not compete at Four Continents so we can’t quite know what his international scores will be until Worlds. Is this a strategy of some sort?) Still, I’m very proud of Florent despite the Morozov choreography for his programs. (Please go to a better choreographer, Florent! You can do better than that! David Wilson would be wonderful with you!!!)

With Joubert and Verner flailing and reaching the last few years of their career (unless they continue a la Plushenko), it’s possible that Florent will continue to be a viable competitor for the European crown, along with Michal Brezina, who ended up bombing the LP and dropping from 2nd to 8th place. Brezina, however, was recovering from surgery so this year might not be his best. Still, the kid has talent and it’s likely that he’ll be a dark horse for next season.

In any case. Florent Amodio = budding/developping talent + young + great personality (aka very marketable). Add some great choreography and you might just have a European threat to the podium in Sochi. The worst thing that could happen to him now is to stagnate. As one of my high school French teachers always said:

“Fais de ton mieux, jamais moins!” Take those words to heart, Florent.

~The Rinkside Cafe


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