Seriously Canada?

For a country that prides itself on being fair and nice and all, they sure know how to go insane and inflate figure skating scores for Patrick Chan. Videos of his LP have yet to surface appeared and here are his scores:

SP – 88.78
LP – 197.07
Total – 285.85

Now, let’s stop for a bit and take a look at a few CoP records:

Men – highest score in an ISU-sanctioned competition:

SP – 91.30 (Evgeni Plushenko 2010 Euros)
LP – 175.84 (Daisuke Takahashi 2008 Four Continents)

Let’s just say that one skater got those scores for a competition, the total would be: 267.14
The actual world record for the highest total is 264.41 (Daisuke Takahashi 2008 Four Continents)

His scores have become more and more unreasonable. Next thing you know, he’ll be the first to get a score of 300+ or something. *knocks on wood*

I’ll try not to complain in my next post.

~The Rinkside Cafe

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  2. ay-sa
    Jan 24, 2011 @ 02:08:54

    Now, let’s be fair–there’s a reason why national championship totals are not included in the ISU season’s best scores.

    Every country worth its salt inflates their national championship scores, Canada is no different than the rest. I’d be more surprised if Skate Canada DIDN’T inflate their scores, actually.


  3. ay-sa
    Jan 24, 2011 @ 04:54:58

    Yeah, but that’s because Mother Russia crowned some nobody as their best male skater this year. If Plushenko gave a performance at Russian Nats like Chan’s, you bet he would received a score equally as high, if not higher. As it stands, even Plushenko’s half-assed performance last year at Russian Nats received over 270 points overall, even though he had a few bobbles and doubled a jump or two. Who knows what he would’ve received if he went clean.


  4. Muzika
    Jan 26, 2011 @ 23:41:12

    Thank you for posting this Rinksidecafe! I find myself wanting to rip my hair out over Patrick Chan’s scores practically every time I see him. I want to like him, I REALLY do but he is constantly overscored. However, THIS *points at 2011 nat’s* really does take it to new extremes.


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