Look-alikes: Jana Khokhlova & Fedor Andreev

Fedor Andreev and Jana Khokhlova are one of the hot topics in figure skating this season. Some people expect these two to rise to the top of the Russian podium, while others miss Sergei. I, for one, don’t miss Sergei and his sloppy footwork and hobo beard at all, though I do miss the cool lifts. Fedor definitely needs a lot of work in terms of posture, speed, awareness of his limbs, knowing how to best present his partner (because I really shouldn’t be looking at him the entire time, even if he is hot) and how to twizzle properly. These two have potential, especially with Queen Marina as Prince Eric Fedor’s mother.

If Fedor does improve rapidly, they will probably go to Sochi, though they might have to fight Ilinykh and Katsalapov for the top spot. Bobrova and Sloviev may be surpassed by the baby Russians, though their meteoric rise was not as meteoric as expected this year. A coaching change might be good for the baby Russians (for show and maybe to have a change of pace in their training if they really want a medal in Sochi) for next season if they want to hasten their rise to the top.

In any case, with Jana’s red hair and Fedor’s costume for this season, I don’t know it could NOT lend itself to Ariel/Prince Eric comments. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find many pictures from Russian Nationals and google also has a lack of images for Prince Eric and Ariel in a dress but in the end, this is the best I could muster.

Jana and Fedor:

Prince Eric:

Ariel… in a blue dress:

Someone’s photos of Prince Eric and Ariel in Disneyland:

The music in their SD is by Prokiev and it’s apparently a waltz from War and Peace. Maybe they’re actually portraying Ariel and Prince Eric. Though Fedor is wayyy better looking than the lame Disney Prince. And Jana has better hair.


~The Rinkside Cafe


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  1. Mr. Drummond
    Mar 06, 2011 @ 19:16:33

    I do hope Fedor sticks to this; he’s such a bloody flake and has some bad work habits. He’ll need some discipline. Good looks are not everything.


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