Japanese Nationals

Mao seems to have recovered from her poor performances on the Grand Prix circuit. The only major mistake in her short program at Nationals was 2-footing her triple axel. The smile on her face at the end of the program said it all.

Miki Ando is in 2nd place and Kanako Murakami is in 3rd. I fear that Akiko Suzuki is on her way of being  dumped (she’s currently in 7th) in favour of the new rising star that is Kana-chan. I wish Miki Ando was the one excluded from the World team but being the only lady who won 2 golds in the GP circuit, that’s very unlikely. Kanako’s bronze at the GPF above her teammates makes her a strong contender for a spot at Worlds. Seriously, let’s just give at least one of Canada’s 3 spots to the Japanese men and women. If Akiko Suzuki came to Canadian Nationals (and I wish she would), she’d beat everyone. Anyways, here are more videos:

Oh Miki, you are a good skater with a lovely personality… please get better choreography.

Kanako lost concentration and singled her axel.

Akiko’s skate wasn’t too bad. Just an underrotated and stepped out of a 3Lz.

Daisuke has secured a position on the podium after finishing 4th in the SP. He recovered in the free skate and ended up with bronze. The Japanese though, have a new National champion… Takahiko Kozuka! Nobunari Oda finished in 2nd, obviously.

Aunt Joyce has the videos of the men’s SP posted here. Here are the LP of the top 4 men:


~The Rinkside Cafe


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