Just for Fun: Top 5 Choreographers

So my last post was about top 5 coaches (who were at times choreographers) but today, this will be a post about choreographers (who may be coaches but I’m highlighting their choreography skillz.) Now, without further ado…

1. Marina Zoueva

I worship this woman. I swear that there is no tacky bone in her body, which is a miracle because she’s involved in a sport that spews tackiness. Katia Gordeeva wrote in her book that when Marina was their coach or choreographer, she always wore clothes in the latest styles and it seemed that Marina was always so fashionable compared to her. I don’t blame you, Katia, for feeling that way. This woman is so cool that she can go shopping for Hermes scaves and think up fabulous programs like these without being culturally offensive:

The woman is such an artist. She looks at videos and ballet magazines to come up with moves like this:

In their book, Tessa and Scott said, “Marina brought a ballet magazine into the arena and flipped it open to a picture of a ballerina, arms spread, balanced on one knee on the back of her partner, who was bent over a squat position. […] ‘She [Marina] said, “I think you can do this,” ‘ Tessa recalls. “We were thinking ‘You’re crazy, that’s never going to happen.’ ” But it did, and it’s become an iconic move at the 2010 Olympics. Oh Marina, your creativity and trust in your skaters is amazing. Her singles programs are absolutely wonderful as well!

2. Tamara Moscovina

I know that Tamara Moscovina is a legendary pairs coach, as pointed out by ay-sa, but there were so many coaches (and now I realize that there are so many wonderful choreographers as well) that I decided to put her here. Moscovina once competed with Papa Mishin. O_o Wow. That must take guts. Tamara Moscovina has coached and choreographed some of the most famous Russian pairs including Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze who unfortunately, had to share their glory with a Canadian pair whose choreography, though relatable and fun, was full of foward two-foot skating and lacked transitions. Before we start yelling at each other over the controversy, let’s just remember this program, choreographed by Moscovina (and Igor Borbin), which is considered to be *the* definitive pairs program:

3. Lori Nichol

Lori tends to be a hit or miss; some of her later programs lack impact but others are just plain magical. I think this program just says it all:

4. Shae-Lynne Bourne

Shae-Lynne, I believe, has only just started her choreography career but she has talent. Her programs are intricate and difficult, but when they’re skated well, it looks absolutely effortless to skate and watch. Her ice dance programs have a more lyrical style to them and I find her programs fun to watch. The combination of Jeremy Abbott and Shae-Lynn Bourne last year was an absolute most perfect marriage:

I’d like to see her choreograph Mao Asada someday…

As for an ice dance program by Shae-Lynn:

5. David Wilson

David Wilson is such a personality, I remember his hilariousity on “Be Good Johnny Weir”. No wonder Yuna feels so happy and inspired around him.

(Skip to 6:41)

Ass circle. XD LOL. I love you, David Wilson. This was the final product after Galina had modified it. Sadly, there was no ass circle.

And since I mentioned Yuna Kim…

6. Sandra Bezic

It would be a bit of a crime if I forgot Sandra Bezic. Some of the programs she’s done for Chen Lu are simply epic and Kurt Browning didn’t win the Olympics with this but this is an absolute classic:

Anyways, I wish you a Merry, Merry Christmas~!

~The Rinkside Cafe


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  1. Sana
    Dec 26, 2010 @ 16:54:04

    I actually think Sandra Bezic can work well with Mao. The soft and lyrical style of Mao reminds me a little of Lu Chen. And Bezic transformed Lulu by showing us her darker side.


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