Just for fun: Winter Solstice (+Lunar Eclipse)

Today is the day when the night is longest. Let us celebrate with programs to music that honour the night! There’s also a lunar eclipse going on so I thought I’d throw in some programs with moon-themed music.

I love watching young Mao~

Although older Mao is wonderful as well… (I prefer the World Team Trophy version of this program but I can’t find a video of it.)

Music about the moon in honour of the eclipse…

We won’t see the Dark Side of the Moon but the moon will go dark…

And don’t forget that the winter solstice also marks the beginning of winter:

Hopefully, when you go outside, you’ll be walkin’ in a winter wonderland~

And of course, we all need a bit of Michelle Kwan, who is still fabulous even though she’s retired.

Happy Winter Solstice~!

~The Rinkside Cafe


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