Grand Prix Final: Live blog of the Men’s LP

Florent Amodio

By the time I decided to do a live blog, Florent had done most of his routine. He skated pretty decently with a step out on one of his jumps. (3A, that was saved luckily and followed by a 3T) This program was fun the first time you saw it but after that, it’s just glaringly obvious that this program is really, really empty and back-heavy to get that bonus for his jumps. This kid needs better choreography. It looks like he’s pretty consistent now and once he has those jumps down pat, I say he should just dump Morozov. This guy is too entertaining to be a Morozombie.

Tomas Verner

And Tomas has a new costume… It reminds me of Sue Sylvester’s tracksuits on Glee. I thought he was channeling Michael Jackson, not Sue. Or is this an omen that Glee will do a MJ episode soon? Solid 3T… might’ve been going for a 4T though. He’s go the crowd with him. A good 3A-2T combo and 3Lp. And now the ticking begins. I’m still very confused about this so-called music. I know that Tomas wanted a new start this season, but his Godfather LP was so much better than this. He was so sexy skating it too. Clean 3A in the 2nd half of the program. Nice 3Lz. Gorgeous 3S… same with the 3Fp. Wonky landing on a 3Lz but saved it and added a 2T. This is a pretty good skate for Tomas compared to his skates from last year but he seriously needs better programs. He is so much better than this.

Takahiko Kozuka

Takahiko’s LP is what a program should be: balanced, intricate and gorgeous. I hope he skates it well. Saved the landing on his 4T but two-footed it. Good use of the knees on the landing of that 3A. Hmmm… unusual lack of flow going into that 3Lz-2T combination. Come on Takahiko, calm down! Saved the landing on both parts of that 3A-2T combination. Good recovery on that 3Lz. Triple-triple combination, two footed the 2nd half of the combo. Good recovery on the 3Lp and 3S. I love that there are no commentators this week on Skatebuzz… you can hear his blades across the ice. Not a bad skate for Takahiko Kozuka but a far cry from the perfection we saw at TEB. The judges were not kind with his PCS.

Daisuke Takahashi

Daisuke is in da house! And he’s sportinig a new costume. Please beat Patrick Chan. *crosses fingers* Two-footed quad flip. Gorgeous 3A. Shaky takeoff on that 3Lo. As usual, he puts everything he’s got in this circular step sequence. Creating sultry angst on the ice… 3F-3T, saved the landing. Wipeout on the next jump. *cries* Good recovery on that 3Lz. Tentative 3S. Come on Daisuke… Another fall on a 3F. He looks miserable in that ending pose. What is going on???? Ouch. He trails Kozuka right now and will not win the gold as I had predicted.

Patrick Chan Score

Looking very dapper in his new costume. Clean 4T. 3A-2T. 3Lz. Noooooo… This is my worst nightmare coming true… The music is giving him a lot but he’s not giving himself completely to the music. Come on Chan, we know you have skating skills but skating is more than that. Saved landing on that 3Lz and added a 2??? 3T-3T. Nice 3Lo. 2A, slow in the air. Good finish and ending combination spin. The kid has talent, it’s just a pain that he’s so douchey. Playbacks… He totally pre-rorated most of the first rotation on that 3A with the 2T tacked on the end. Huge lead for first.

Nobunari Oda

Go Nobu!!! You are a samurai. You will get your revenge on someone who took a medal from you. Wrongfully too. Fall on a 4T. *cries* No… Gorgeous 3A-3T. Good recovery. Another triple-triple combo. Nobu, if you’re going to skate to classical music, please learn to use your limbs to form beautiful lines. Good combination spin. Ina bauer into a triple flip. Beautiful. Huge triple axel. Somehow got the crowd for a second and lovely 3Lo. Nice 3-2-2 combo. Fall on a double axel. Stumble on his footwork.

I’m about to cry out of grief and rage right now. CBC can go rejoice. I need a dark corner so I can brood and go emo.


Gold: Patrick Chan
Silver: Nobunari Oda
Bronze: Takahiko Kozuka

4. Daisuke Takahashi
5. Tomas Verner
6. Florent Amodio

Detailed scores here.

I’ve just got one question: what happened to our wonderful Japanese men? Especially our darling World champion? We can’t have Chan win the Worlds while his head is still over-inflated.

Excuse me while I have 10 minutes to myself to weep.

~The Rinkside Cafe

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rino
    Dec 11, 2010 @ 10:48:24

    Hello. I’m a figure skating fan in Japan. And I like reading your interesting blog!
    Finding your worry about Japanese men, I am writing this message. Do you know that Daisuke collided with Takahiko in practice the day before short program? (I’m sorry if you have already seen.) The scene was frightening. It is reported that Daisuke seemed to have pain on his leg, back, and neck. Takahiko looked shaken.

    That is why, I think, they couldn’t do their best. But I was moved by their thoughtfulness after the competition. From Takahiko’s look, I know his mixed feeling. Daisuke said “it is because of lack of practice” about his result.
    I hope they will recover by Japan National (12/24-26).
    I’m sorry for my poor English.


    • rinksidecafe
      Dec 11, 2010 @ 19:33:46

      Greetings from Canada! Your English is wonderful, don’t be sorry for it!

      I saw that collision and I’m sure they’ll be fine. It was just sad that the entire competition was filled with falls and whatnot. Sigh.


  2. Rino
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 10:36:57

    Thank you for your reply!

    Yes, it was sad that there were some falls and whatnot in men’s event, but I’m looking forward to watching Worlds all the more.
    About ladies event, I was pleased to see Alissa Czisny was consistent (I like Alissa and her costumes of this season).

    I’ve read some of your past entries and had a good time. You are quite familiar with many skaters and speak straight. (By the way, your comment about Nobunari’s blunder at Skate America amused me (^ o ^))
    For me, it is far better to read your straight opinions than to read some unpleasant coverage by Japan media.
    So please let me visit here again!


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