Grand Prix Final: Ladies LP Live Blog

I need a dose of happy right now. Let’s get this show on the road. On a more random note, I want one of those panda ball plushies.

Rachael Flatt

Ok… let’s hope I don’t fall asleep. Nice 2A-3T combination. She looks a bit anxious going into this next jump. Fall. Spin faster, girl. Smooth 3F, although is it just me or am I seeing traces of Caroline Zhang toe technique in her? She just doens’t kick as high. As much as Rachael can try to act, she doesn’t exude personality on the ice. Doubled a triple lutz. Doubled? 3F (the screen flicked for a second). Singled loop. She should’ve withdrawn and let her injury heal. This is not a good skate for her. 3S-2T-2T – all really low, had to save the landing on that 3S. Sigh. That was a bit of a waste of time.

Miki Ando

She looked pretty good in warm-up. I was afraid her injury had put her down for the count. High and fast 3Lz-2T. Solid jump afterwards. (I missed it, sorry.) I actually really like that sideways sit spin she’s doing this season. And now, here is a lot of skating in one spot or pausing. 2A and what I think is a 3T but I didn’t see because the stupid screen flicked for a second. It keeps doing that. Nice 3F. Almost two-footed the next jump. Solid 3T. Nice 2A-2Lo-2Lo. The crowd loves her. Miki’s spins have improved a great deal over the years but her choreography still leaves a lot to be desired. Great skate for Miki. Too bad she’s buried too much in the standings. Her fate now belongs to the other skaters.

Akiko Suzuki

Her dress is my favourite ladies costume of the season. It looks better in movement than when she’s still though. She looks confident and happy going in. Lovely opening 3Lz. Beautiful 2A-3T. She always has a great energy going into her programs. Solid 3Lo. Her spins have really improved in terms of speed. Great 3F-2T. Doubled a 3F. Refocused for a 3Lo-2A. Great 3S. She has a lot more speed and power this year but she’s been having stamina issues in her LP this season. It looks like she’s on the right track now. Love how she puts so much energy and emotion in this step sequence. Wonderful performance by Akiko. That is what I wanted to see in the men’s competition. Bravo!!! This girl does not want her spot taken by Kana-chan, that’s for sure.

Kanako Murakami

Go Kana-chan! I love watching her before she does her program. She’s always smiling and happy, which makes me smile. =D First triple-triple of the night – 3T-3T. 3Lz clean. Popped 3F. Great recovery, 3F-2T. Lovely Kerrigan spiral. She really got into her knees in that 3Lo. Very Oda-esque. Beautiful 3S-2Lo-2Lo. This is the first time I’ve seen her skate her LP with as much performance quality and attack as her SP. Good skate by Kana-chan. And she’s beaten Akiko! Wow! Great start for her in the senior ranks. She is now guaranteed a medal.

Carolina Kostner

3T to open. Nice 2A. Another 2A. She’s really centered in her first combination spin. Beautiful 3S. Popped 3Lo but tacked on a 3Lo. Good recovery with a 3Lo-2T. Beautiful arabesque spiral. I’m really missing these spiral sequences in the ladies competition. 3S-2T-2T. Lost a bit of speed in the final combination spin. A very light and airy program. I love the choreography. Great skate by Carolina. I miss her huge 3F-2T combination though. I wonder hwo the judges will award her scores seeing that she had no flip or lutz. She’s beaten Kanako by 0.01. Wow.

Alissa Czisny

3Lz-2T opening. Clean 3F-2T. Look Morozov, people do pause in their programs, but not for more than 2 seconds! Great rotation speed in that flip (?). Alissa has wonderful spin positions and lines. Solid 3Lo. Great extension on the spirals. Best of the night. Another toe jump. Step out of a 2A. Another solid jump. Beautiful Y-spin and fast too! Omg… a pretty layback into a biellmann. Wonderful skate by Alissa Czisny. I also had doubts about the costume but it’s lovely when it’s moving. She know she’s won this competition. Good job!


Gold: Alissa Czisny
Silver: Carolina Kostner
Bronze: Kanako Murakami (!)
4th: Akiko Suzuki
5th: Miki Ando
6th: Rachael Flatt

Detailed results here.

I was hoping for a Japanese sweep of the podium but the skating for this discipline was sublime. Great performances for most of the skaters! Alissa has proven herself a competent and consistent skater and Kanako has really made a mark on her first year as a senior! A bronze medal over her 2 veteran teammates! Congrats! Now this is what I want from a skating competition!

Ok, I’ve had 1 hour of sleep in the last 48 hours. It’s about time I get some sleep.

‘Nighty night!

~The Rinkside Cafe

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