A Tribute to Perfect Spirals

Aunt Joyce posted a blog entry on Yuna news recently, which has started a sort of debate on the importance of pointing your toes and turning out your foot in the comments section. There have been many comments on dismissing the importance of pointing your toes (and turning out your feet) IN BALLET which makes me want to smack someone. The Yunabots have been coming out of the woodwork after a wonderful hiatus (although sadly, it was the result of Yuna’s break from competition) and their comments prove to be cringe-worthy.

To make a point, I’ve decided to post a tribute to spirals. I don’t care if your edges are steady, you can get as many L4s for them but if they’re fugly, they’re fugly. You need to point your toes and turn out your feet for lovely spirals like these:

See the extension? See the gorgeous line?

Alissa may be inconsistent but she has good lines.

Caroline Zhang had ugly mule kicks and jump problems but there are many people who will watch her just for the sake of her gorgeous spins and spirals.

Joannie’s not as flexible as the ladies above but she also manages to point her toes and turn out her foot!

Look! Even the legendary Katia and Sergei are pointing their toes!

And Meryl Davis, who usually has pretty horrible extension…


As for ballet. Can you imagine what this would look like if Natalia Osipova didn’t point her toes? She’d lose her job.

The video didn’t have figure skating spirals but it was pretty close to perfection. ❤

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