Trophée Eric Bompard: Sheer Perfection

I’m starting to go through a few TEB videos and of course, I have to start with the men’s programs since it was probably the most exciting competition of the lot.

I really have to apologize to Takahiko for my lack of faith in him but this program is an absolute masterpiece. I have never watched a program with so many unexpected jumps. The program was clean, beautifully executed and just sheer perfection. I think I have to watch that again. *goes to watch it* P-arrogant-Chiddy’s transitions often involve dramatic high kicks and bombastic step sequences but Takahiko’s transitions are just as difficult but understated and therefore unnoticeable to the average viewer. That spread eagle into that triple loop… that mini-spiral into a triple flip… all right to the music. It was perfection. A very well-deserved gold medal for Takahiko Kozuka. I’ve resolved to take this kid a lot more seriously now because he deserves the credit.

In other news, I venerate Marina Zueva even more now that I’ve learned that she choreographed Takahiko’s LP with her son, Fedor Andreev.

Florent Amodio hands down has the most entertaining long program of the season. Even if you’ve seen it already, it never fails to make you laugh or smile. This guy has personality and is just precious. I want to pinch his cheeks. The criticisms I can provide for this LP has mostly to do with the choreography rather than his performance or execution. All of Florent’s more difficult jumps are at the beginning and then there’s a huge gap for when he waits until the 2nd half of the program to execute a whole bunch of the less difficult jumps. At the same time, there are just an inordinate number of pauses like in Miki Ando’s programs. Just as an opinion (you can disagree with me), I personally think that once Florent has consistent jumps, he should move on to a coach and choreographer than can capitalize on his personality and skills. I don’t want this guy become a Morozombie. He’s too good for that.

Brandon Mroz ends up with the bronze. Unlike Takahiko Kozuka, this kid has yet to prove to me that he has the personality or superb technique to stand out from the rest of the deep men’s field. At the moment, I neither greatly like or dislike this skater, although at times, I kind of want to put a motor on his skates to make him spin faster. Taking him away from Tom Z would be good as well. Tom Z is in my bad books at the moment because he coaches the boring monstrosity that is Rachael Flatt. He will remain on that list unless he produces a skater that is somewhat interesting.

Brian Joubert withdrew because of health issues. Poor BJou. He’s going to get buried in the rankings.

Anyways, I must be off! Hopefully, there will be more TEB posts soon…

~The Rinkside Cafe


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