Cup of Russia: I love you Tomas <3

I know I said that I don’t have much time to blog this weekend but I just had to blog about this.

Tomas Verner beat Patrick Chan by a mile in the free skate and won gold~! ❤ ❤ ❤ *huggles Tomas*

I was dreading checking the standings but I should’ve had more faith that Patrick would have at least one triple axel implosion. Then again, this guy gets rewarded for shitty skates all the time. In or out of Canada. Anyways, P-overinflated head-Chiddy also had a quad splat and a fall on a lutz.

Seriously, I think CBC needs to stop making excuses for this kid. He has consistency issues. Let me repeat that. Patrick Chan has consistency issues. I mean, I attribute Canada’s loss of the inaugural World Team Trophy to Patrick Chan and his crazy splatfest in the short. If he weren’t so overmarked in the long, it would’ve been a huge embarrassment. He always has some sort of issue with his triple axel and despite what anyone says, it’s clear that he doesn’t have the quad down pat like Plushenko, Yagudin and Joubert. CBC commentators can gush about the fact that no one does step sequences like Patrick does, but let’s face it: his step sequences are nothing to Daisuke Takahashi’s. As for performance, again the Canadian commentators can say whatever they want but there are quite a few internet skating fans who are unbiased in that they are un-nationalistic/patriotic in their choice of favourites and say that he doesn’t really perform and act. Want to see people who do act? Try Daisuke Takahashi, Florent Amodio and Javier Fernandez. Those guys give it their all in their performances.

Here are the overall results and the LP protocols.

Sadly, Jeremy Abbott bombed the free skate and probably lost his spot to the final. P-stupid Chiddy definitely has a spot while it’s probable that Tomas and Oda will get a spot as well. I’ll modify my list in the near future.


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