Skate America: Pairs and Men’s SP

I watched the final flight for the pairs and men’s SP live.  Here are a few thoughts on the top 3 of each discipline:


As much as I do like Savchenko and Szolkowy, that score was a little bit ridiculous. They’re currently in the lead. Aliona doubled her triple toe, their side-by-side spins were horrendously out of sync and she almost couldn’t hang on to the landing of their triple flip (which was HUGE). I would’ve ranked them 4th, below my baby Chinese pair but alas, figure skating doesn’t work that way. Their former World champion status does have some weight.

I didn’t watch the first flight, so I missed Moore-Tower and Moscovitch‘s SP (I’ll watch it tomorrow when the youtube videos surface) but they’re in second. Now that Tessa and Scott are not skating until perhaps Canadian nationals, I feel a bit of a resentment towards team Canada for the Chan debacle. I do admit that I did like Moore-Tower and Moscovitch’s LP at Skate Canada though. Having music from Les Miz helps too. (I’m currently playing “On my own” on repeat…)

Caydee Denney and Jeremy Barrett delivered a lovely performance. I didn’t think the music suited them but their throw triple lutz was gorgeous and their movements were nice and polished. Except for Denney’s awkward entry into her triple toe. (I’m seriously hating all the commentary that’s going on with the skatebuzz stream. I rather liked watching events with no commentary at all.)

My baby Chinese pair (Sui Wenjing and Han Cong (Sui should be pronounced “sway” rather than “su” by the way) did rather well and they’re only 1 point away from the podium. Their performance was definitely better than their Cup of China showing but having only a double axel as their jumping pass definitely hurts their score. Not being in China probably hurt their score too but in any case, they need to bring it in the LP if they want a medal. It would be very sad if they couldn’t make to the final because of the fact that they’ve been in competitions with more difficult competitors. Iliushechkina and Maisuradze will probably make it to the GPF but they were only 4th at junior Worlds last year while Sui and Han won the event.

Full results here.


The entire night seemed to be filled with triple axel implosions. Tons of falls, step-outs and hands down on the triple axel. Adam Rippon stepped out of his axel but delivered a solid performance. His Rippon lutz was as impeccable as ever. Even if this guy ended up with some lame Morozombie program or some Lori Nichol I don’t give a f#%& for this skater choreorgraphy, I’d still look forward to seeing him skate just for the sake of seeing his Rippon lutz. It’s just too bad that Adam’s not rewarded in points for doing such a difficult manoeuvre. I demand points for this guy!

Daisuke Takahashi didn’t implode on his triple axel but he seemed to be tripping on his own feet once he came out of it. It was really weird. He also stepped out of his triple lutz but got tons of audience support on his step sequence. My inner fangirl was squealing at the sight as well.

Nobunari Oda produced a clean program and was in the zone. He channeled his warlord samurai ancestor well. He is the current leader by 1 point over Daisuke. I expect Daisuke to bring it in his long though. I’m also still waiting for Oda to produce that quad-toe, triple-toe his often does in practice. I’m looking very forward to seeing this battle of the Japanese men.

Full results here.

I’m looking forward to the ladies and ice dance event although I just wish that skatebuzz would stream everything with no commentary. That woman will not shut up for ANYTHING. Seriously. I watch the live stream so I don’t have to hear NBC or CBC commentary. It’s so distracting and I find myself annoyed at the commentators not staying silent when I’m watching a beautiful program. At least I have the consolation that she shut up back in 2008 when Tessa and Scott did their FD at Worlds. It just proves how amazing they were.

~The Rinkside Cafe


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