Cup of China – Men and Pairs

Due to lack of time, I have only the time to watch the top 3 of each discipline as well as a few favourites. I apologize for this. My life will be hectic for the next few weeks but I will do my best to deliver the snark and figure skating news.


The adorable little non-flamboyant little Japanese skater, Takahiko Kozuka took the lead with a good skate. His soul SP didn’t quite suit him… actually I don’ t think anyone knows what kind of program will bring this talented kid out of his shell at the moment but he does have skating skills and with maturity, maybe we’ll see some wonderful heart-on-sleeve a la Michelle Kwan programs from him. I am a huge fan of Singin’ in the Rain and was super happy when my cute Czech boyfriend boy decided to skate to it. The program was decent at best, Tomas Verner stepped out of his 3A but compared to the stuff he did at the Olympics and Worlds, it was a pretty decent skate. He’ll never beat Kurt Browning for his skate to the same song but we can’t all be Kurt Browning. Darn. I’m not a fan of Brian Joubert‘s skating, although I am his fan for being P-overinflated head-Chiddy’s nemesis. However, Joubert surprised me with his flamenco/Latin SP – for once, I wasn’t totally bored to tears after the first few minutes! He had personality! And some musicality! *gasp* He landed a gorgeous quad toe-triple toe, stepped out of a triple axel and landed a gorgeous triple lutz. I cringed a bit at his arm-waving, which was a bit too Lysacek-esque for my taste so I hope he tones it down in future competitions.

At the moment, Kozuka has a small lead over Joubert while Verner has a tenuous hold on third place. I sincerely hope that we won’t see a hot mess from my darling Tomas because he is talented… just a crazy headcase though.

Men’s results here.


My little Chinese pairs babies (Sui Wenjing and Han Cong) did well! Hurrah! When I saw the cowboy costumes, I started remembering the crazy cowboy ODs I had to sit through last year and shuddered but their SP was cute and fun! If it weren’t for the freak stumble that caused both of them to fall, they might’ve won the SP with that gorgeous throw triple twist (So clean! So high!) and throw triple flip. These two have what it takes to be at the top and I’m so proud of them. They trail Pang and Tong by 1 point at the moment. Pang and Tong had a strange mishap with their opening triple toes – Pang did one rotation and Tong stepped out. Caitlin Yankowskas (wearing a dress similar to Tessa Virtue’s 2006/7 OD dress) and John Coughlin delivered a passionate tango that put them in 3rd. The little Russians who won Skate Canada last week, Iliushechkina and Maisuradze finished 4th. I’m still trying to figure out what they got a deduction for what I thought was a pretty good performance.

At the moment, I see a race for gold and unless Pang and Tong have a batshit crazy LP, they should beat my baby Chinese pair, who I hope will win a medal. (Preferably gold or silver.) There could be a fight for bronze seeing that I have little faith in North American pairs skaters but who knows.

Results here.

Ice dance and ladies comments coming soon. I need some sleep right now.

~The Rinkside Cafe


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  1. ay-sa
    Nov 06, 2010 @ 13:40:50

    Iliushechkina and Maisuradze received a time deduction.

    You know, I’m really starting to warm up to Sui/Han. They are technically proficient and actually have some cohesive choreography in their programs. However, they are still a bit juniorish but they are quite young and I am confident they will be much more polished in the future. I HATE the cowboy theme though, but I am letting them get away with it because they are young and energetic enough to just barely pull it off.


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