Skate Canada – RAGE

Although I should be doing other things right now, I must express my rage after watching the final flight of the men’s LP at Skate Canada. I feel the need to throw something at the moment. Excuse me. Okay, much better. But not really. Grrr. Actually, let’s recall one thing first:

Now, let’s dwell on some of the better things that happened in the men’s LP first shall we?

Javier Fernandez was a wonderful drunken pirate and delighted us with a beautiful quad and some Pirates of the Caribbean action despite popping a triple axel. He came back strong with a triple toe.

Adam Rippon delivered with a beautifully lyrical performance to Rachmaninoff’s Concierto No. 2. Some highlights include his ever so famous Rippon lutz and a Tano lutz, tano-armed double-toe, double-toe combination. I personally would’ve marked him above Chan but that’s when the evening started going to hell.

Oda Nobunari didn’t deliver his best performance. He fell on a triple axel like Chan did and had a few minor bobbles like Chan. He scored exactly 3 points below. I would’ve given him around the same score as Chan.

Alas, no, because Skate Canada is in Canada and they enjoy giving out random points to Patrick Chan just because he’s Patrick Chan. He landed a quad toe, had a triple axel implosion and popped another jump but hey, he’s Patrick Chan! So he won the LP. RAGE. With his totally inflated score from the SP, he WON. RAGE. I am praying that Aunt Joyce, a blogger I respect very much, will agree with me and say that he should’ve been off the podium. Third place if one is to be kind.

Details of the scoring here.
Official results here.

I am now eating dinner in a state of rage and disgust. Against PJ Kwong’s picks, I have one victory in pairs after Iliushechkina & Maisuradze’s win and one victory for PJ now that that apighoraihnfv;oiasdhf;iosjfd;iahoi;fhdjf;a has won. Excuse me while I find a way to channel my rage.

Edit: After reading some comments on ontd_skating that seem to express the same rage I’m feeling, I feel a little better and hopefully I can eat the rest of my dinner without the desire of throwing up at what just happened.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ay-sa
    Oct 30, 2010 @ 21:12:02

    I can accept, perhaps grudgingly, that Chan won the LP. I do have a problem with the AMOUNT by which he won the LP, though. PChiddy was given a giant gift in terms of GOE scores. I cannot believe he won the TES with all those bobbles on his jumps.

    And of course Chan’s SP was absolutely highway robbery and will probably stand as the most shamefully overscored performance of the whole season.


    • rinksidecafe
      Oct 30, 2010 @ 23:01:46

      I stand by my opinion that Adam Rippon should’ve won the LP by a small margin over Nobunari Oda. Javier Fernandez should’ve been 3rd by a small margin over Chan.

      Skate Canada is losing its integrity by overscoring Chan. Hypocrites after 2002 much?


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