Skate Canada – Highlights of the Men’s SP

I didn’t watch the entire first flight but here are a few highlights.

Javier Fernandez, our darling drunk – I mean, drunk pirate skated with a giant pink bow, a bright green shirt and a purple jacket. My eyes were burning after the performance and I think he lipped. Strange, when skaters usually flutz. Still, I can’t wait to see him in a year or two. Spain might have a skating star soon.

Kevin Reynolds did 2 quads in a short program! (Quad salchow-double? toe combination and quad toe) According to CBC, it’s the first time that’s been done. A shaky and possibly underrotated triple axel though. I was kind of bored throughout the program. Cute kid though. Hopefully he’ll be more humble than Patrick Chan when he’s national champion.

Adam Rippon delivered a performance full of commitment. His Rippon lutz was a bit shaky in the air but his triple axel and triple flip, triple toe was absolutely gorgeous. I would’ve marked him higher than Reynolds but the quads outweighed it all. Hopefully Adam can catch up during the long. I actually really like his Rachmaninoff program.

Patrick Chan, the local favourite, was a hot mess. I expected him to implode on his triple axel and probably fall on his quad since it was his first time doing it in competition – which he did – but falling on a step sequence!? Wow. That was unexpected. Funnily enough, even the live blogger from CBC (Tony) claimed, “He ain’t winning, Beth.” LOL. That’s a shock. What’s even more shocking are his marks. Totally overscored. It’s official, PCS = Patrick Chan Score. He just randomly gets high PCS even if he falls 3 times because he is Patrick Chan. I am disgusted and even less compelled to cheer for him.

Nobunari Oda brought out his samurai blood and skated to some intense shamisen music. David Pelletier said he was too business-like but hey, he’s being a samurai! He’s channeling his ancestor, Nobunaga Oda who was one of three warlords to unite Japan after a period of disorder. The landings of all of his jumps caressed the ice and I loved it from start to finish. Good job Nobu! *pinches his cheeks* Now rock everyone’s socks in the LP!

A picture of Oda Nobunaga to end:

Full results here.


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