Live blogging – NHK Trophy Men’s LP (Final Flight)

I missed the first flight. I’m sorry if I got the jumps wrong. I’m a bit rusty from the summer and I had a friend on msn. It was distracting. >_<

Denis Ten

Step out on the triple axel. Shaky landing on a triple lutz. I’m not really liking this slowed down version of Totentanz. Really off centre loop. Ah, now the music picks up. Pulls it together for the circular step sequence. Doubles (?) a triple axel but rebounds with a good triple loop. Fall on the triple lutz, I think it was doubled as well. Step out on the triple salchow, single (?) toe combination. Ok, he’s totally falling apart… he just doubled another jump. And please don’t imitate Yuna’s bentleg camel, it’s fug, even when she does it. Wow, a biellmann. Stumble in the middle of the midline step sequence. Awww… the music ended before the cool guitar part. Good effort, I guess. He’ll learn to be more consistent with Frank Carroll though.

Yuzuru Hanyu

Yay! It’s Yuzuru! Gorgeous triple. Underrotated triple axel. Lovely recovery. Gorgeous spins. Will he do a biellmann like Ten? Ina bauer into a triple flip. (Sorry about the holes my friend was talking to me on msn.) Footwork full of diva. Beautiful triple axel, double toe. A bit forward on the takeoff for the triple lutz. Popped loop. Slowing down a bit in his spins. He’s losing energy but the audience is behind him. Lovely loop. Final combination spin… He seems happy with that performance. I want to pinch his cheeks and steal his gloves… just by the way. He is a developing diva. I can’t wait to see him in a year or two.

Florent Amodio

This guy has become popular during the summer. Beautiful triple axel. Another beautiful triple axel and tano armed double toe. Lovely triple loop. And he’s skating to Justin Timberlake’s “Apologize”? Now he’s bringin’ the gangsta. LOL. Love this guy. Go Florent!  Pimp it out! I didn’t even notice he was doing a step sequence… There’s a lot of pauses in this program and standing around… Beautiful triple triple. And another triple something. And another (flip?) Triple lutz, double toe. Popped double axel. XD MJ is in da house! Final combination spin… Awesome program! It was so much fun!!! I want to watch that again… This guy is such a charmer, even in the kiss and cry.

Shawn Sawyer

His lines remind me of Johnny Weir. Two-footed triple axel. Fall and underrotated triple lutz. Solid flip. And salchow (?) Spiral, even though men don’t do them. It’s sad he has better extension than some of the ladies. Double loop. Really putting in the acting skills. Good thing too ’cause this music is super heavy. You could easily drown in it. Triple flip, step out, triple loop. Interesting camel variation. (Yes, I know, I skipped a jump.) Double axel, double toe. Really cool Y spin to end. We might just see Florent on the podium though…

Jeremy Abbott

Love Jeremy’s new costume. Guys should dress like that all the time. Sans the sparkles. Lovely triple lutz. *closes msn window* It was distracting. Wonderful triple axel, triple toe. I love “Life is Beautiful”… circular step sequence into a double axel. Popped an axel. Triple loop, double toe, double loop. Good recovery. Triple flip, double toe. Gosh, I love this music. Triple salchow. This program suits him very well. There’s also a hint of Kurt Browning in it. I approve. Beautiful performance. I can’t wait to see this again.

Daisuke Takahashi

He’s being totally intense from the outset… Quad? Yes! Triple axel right on the music! Triple loop, landed on the toepick. OMG. Daisuke footwork (circular step sequence) = heaven. My inner fangirl is screaming. This tango is so perfect for Daisuke. Triple flip, double toe. Another beautiful triple axel with a double toe. Triple lutz or flip. Popped salchow. Triple flip, double loop, fall. The fangirls scream. LOL. Midline step sequence. He’s one of the few people whose step sequences are fun to watch. Better than the Japan Open but I still want to see this clean. My gosh, he’s popular. He has enough flowers to open up a shop. Definitely overscored but I’m glad he won.


Gold: Daisuke Takahashi
Silver: Jeremy Abbott
Bronze: Florent Amodio

Full results here.

I will blog about the rest of the NHK trophy tomorrow.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Helen
    Oct 27, 2010 @ 16:16:00

    Yuzuru did a quad! 😀 he is my new favourite heehee


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