NHK Trophy – Ladies SP – Surprise, surprise…

The world is full of surprises. I wake up and what do I see? Well…

Carolina Kostner who I’ve almost given up on is in 1st after the SP? What is this madness? She had a terrible season last year save for her win at Euros but in any case, I’m glad. I wanted her to win Olympics (she has the ability) so the Yuna-bots and Mao-bots would explode all over the internet. It would’ve been hysterical. 

Kanako Murakami also had a strong debut and is 2nd after the short. In that video, I went “Awww…” at her happy cuteness before she skated. This girl brings a smile to my face. She had the audience in the palm of her hand from the beginning to end and this program was perfect her her. She maintained her playfulness and energy throughout her program while executing everything flawlessly. I’m already a huge fan of this girl.

Our darling Chairman, Mao Asada, seems to have lost her consistency and energy. She two-footed her triple axel and popped her flip. She’s in 8th place, which is shocking. She trails Carolina Kostner by 10 points and Rachel Flatt by 6. She’s been known to do better on her LP but her consistency has gone out the window since last season. A few of these girls are prone to meltdowns (Carolina being famous for them…) so with a clean program and some score inflations (she is on home ice), she might find herself on the podium but for now, it’s a bit unlikely.

I said I was going to watch the top 3 programs, but I can’t get myself to watch Rachel Flatt after that lovely performance by Kanako.

My curiosity did get the better of me and I decided to watch Caroline Zhang.  (6th after the SP) I’m proud to say that she no longer has that awkward mule kick on her flip. She’s still a bit slow on her footwork and I feel as if she’s grown out a bit. She no longer has willowy limbs. Oh well, better this than anorexia.

Detailed scores and rankings for the ladies here.

Aunt Joyce has posted all the ladies’ videos on his blog. I’ll just send you there to watch them.

And to end on a happy note:


~The Rinkside Cafe


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