The happy weekend continues…

I hope everyone’s had a lovely weekend so far~ Yesterday was a lovely bright and sunny day where I am but for some of you, it might be raining. But don’t let rain ruin your day! Rain can be a happy thing, just look! If these don’t bring a smile to your face, you have no soul.

Exhibit 1: Midori Ito, 1992 Albertville Olympics Exhibition. I didn’t know very much about Midori Ito as a kid. I started watching figure skating when her career was nearly over so the skater I remember most from this era is Kristi Yamaguchi. In any case, when I found out that Midori Ito was the first lady to do a triple axel in competition, I decided to watch a routine or two and became mesmerized by her sparkle quality. She’s just so adorable. =D

Kurt Browning is my childhood skating hero. He’s also the commentator on CBC  that spews the least amount of nationalistic bullshit out of his mouth. This however, is the most epic thing he’s ever done. ❤

Happy weekend~


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